Employment History

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Site Reliability Engineer

August 2019 - Current

My role at ezyVet is primarily focused on improving performance and response time across the full stack from PHP, MySQL and ElasticSearch improvements to optimizing AWS usage and cost.

  • Pushing for latest versions of services to keep frameworks up to date and utilize any performance improvements (PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis upgrades)
  • Building automation pipelines through GitLab CI
  • Experience building a cross-platform Go application utilizing Websockets with AWS API Gateway and SQS/SNS/DynamoDB/Lambda/Terraform
  • Creating a full docker development environment for engineers to improve development workflows
  • Reducing RDS load and improving SQL query response time via query restructuring to make better use of compound indexes and foreign keys
  • Rebuilding Elasticsearch clusters to improve redundancy and response time with optimised indexes
  • Writing custom service monitoring tools in Go that interface directly with Docker, ElasticSearch and PHP-FPM
  • Optimising MySQL parameter groups to get the most out of each instance

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Catalyst IT

Devops Engineer

October 2018 - August 2019

At Catalyst, I worked directly with several large corporate clients doing routine patching, performance improvements and general BAU. While primarily configuring CI/CD pipelines for full automated tested and deployments, I also gained experience with helm chart deployments into Kubernetes clusters hosted on OpenStack.I have also had the opportunity to gain more experience working with Puppet, Ansible and GitLab CI.

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Cloud Environment and Application Engineer

March 2017 - October 2018

At ezyVet, I was primarily in charge of reviewing and merging code into our production environment as well as being our in-house DevOps/Infrastructure person. I occasionally did development work as well. In this position I gained vast experience in multiple areas as outlined below.

The position currently included the following responsibilities:

  • Setting up and improving our CI/CD processes.
  • Maintaining and constantly improving our environment. (AWS/Terraform)
  • Setting up custom alerts / metrics with Cloudwatch & Grafana.
  • Responding proactively to the above alerts to fix potential issues.
  • Heavily involved in rolling out new technologies to our stack.
  • Revision, escalation and resolution of tickets and other critical issues.
  • Mentored Junior Developers through their induction into ezyVet.


  • AWS: Consistently Improving our infrastructure to be efficient and reliable
  • Linux: Daily experience with Debian, Ubuntu and Arch.
  • CI / CD: Setting up and maintaining GitLab runners to run our Unit Tests / Automatic deploy pipelines inside docker containers.
  • Packer/Chef/Vagrant: Building custom AMI images for AWS & Vagrant for our development machines.
  • Terraform: Assisted migration of our AWS environments to code.
  • Virtualization: Setting up Vagrant / Virtual Box environments that mock our production environment.


  • PHP: Building small features and day-to-day bug fixes as well.
  • MySQL.
  • Shell / Bash: Created custom scripts to achieve specific goals.
  • Python / Node.js: Lambda functions in serverless.
  • HTML / CSS / JS / jQuery.


  • Code Review: In charge of reviewing all code before it gets merged in to our production branches.
  • JIRA / Confluence / Freshdesk: Primarily used JIRA for ticket-tracking and Confluence for In-house documentation.
  • Mentoring: I have taken on several junior developers over the 2 years to train them and assist them in becoming familiar with out code-base and work-flow.

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Full Stack Developer

March 2016 - August 2017

Focused on building new features and improving our cloud environment. Primarily working in PHP.